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Kidbrooke, a Swedish tech company providing an API encapsulating emerging wealth management workflows and customer journeys, is extremely proud to be included in this year’s Global WealthTech100 list which recognizes pioneering companies transforming the global investment and banking industries.

Today, FinTech Global announced the second annual list of the world’s most innovative technology solution providers for asset managers, private banks and financial advisors.“Established investment firms, private banks and advisors need to be aware of the latest innovation in order to remain competitive in the current market, which is heavily focused on digital distribution and transformation initiatives,” said Richard Sachar, director of FinTech Global. “The WealthTech100 list helps them do just that and identify new business models which will have lasting impact on the industry.”

Positive customer impact:

Founded in 2011, Kidbrooke provides technology enabling the automation of financial decision-support, powering hybrid and self-service customer journeys and other innovative features within wealth management businesses, such as proactive notifications. By doing so, wealth managers can slash the cost of providing consumers with high quality financial guidance whileproviding new and improved services to a whole new segment of the market. “The main thing here is that you could free up time for the human aspect, to be more like a personal coach and . . .at the same time empower each advisor to service many more clients which brings down the unit cost of providing advice” said Fredrik Davéus, CEO at Kidbrooke.

The company has three main components to its platform: an economic scenario generator, a transaction-based balance sheet simulation engine and afinancial decision support tool. With its innovative API-based technology offering, Kidbrookehas created a solution that can be sold and tailored to fit the needs of individual clients: Bespoke WealthTech solutions, but with a shared core.

The expertise Kidbrooke can deliver is clearly exemplified by the services it has provided to some of Sweden’s largest banks and insurance companies over the past four years. Kidbrooke’sOutRank technology has resulted in a range of efficiency improvements within the customers’ wealth management businesses, ranging from a surge in customer touchpoints to general cost savings of between 20 and 40% within the processes powering the typical customer journeys.

Product Availability:

Kidbrooke’s OutRank Financial Planning solution is a powerful technology platform that powers investment decision-making based on the simulations of the underlying personal balance sheets of end customers. The solution, offered as an API, can generate realistic stochastic economic scenarios and apply these scenarios toevaluate any given balance sheet, transaction by transaction, into the future.

Built for performance, it scales very well across different workloads. The supported customer journeys include short to medium-term investments, pension advice and mortgage advice. Since input data is always a potential challenge, there is built-in support for predicting inputs such as an employee’s most likely salary curve, or existing employee state and occupational pension capital.

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About Kidbrooke

Kidbrooke improves decision-making processes within the financial services industry and beyond. Historically, best practice financial decision-making support has been available only to the wealthiest and still many wealth managers are only accessible to high net-worth individuals. The company believes in a world where everyone can make informed financial decisions. As such, Kidbrooke empowers its customers with industry leading financial risk analytics at an affordable price-point to improve accessibility to financial guidance and support.


Natalie Burke
Marketing Manager
Natalie Burke